Skilled HVAC Maintenance in Evansville, Indiana

When you seek qualified professional air conditioning and heating maintenance services in Evansville, Indiana, depend on the service technicians at Gerald Foster Heating and Air Conditioning.

Comprehensive Maintenance And Cleaning

Our services for businesses and homeowners in Evansville, Indiana include a wide array of important routine maintenance and cleaning tasks which help keep air conditioners, furnaces and other components of your HVAC equipment running smoothly throughout the year. Ask us to perform these projects for you:

• Clean the unit and the evaporative coils
• Check the electrical/mechanical charge
• Replace filters
• Inspect drain lines
• Check electrical control systems and wiring

You can request that we perform regular spring maintenance on air conditioners and fall maintenance on furnaces. This process helps keep equipment in good working condition during the year. We charge a flat rate of $64 for an uncomplicated maintenance service check-up, but fees may increase if a unit requires extensive subsequent work.